Elements of an Effective Real Estate Website Call to Action

So how effective are you at creating an effective call to action for each prospect type you want to attract? Or, are you sporting a website with one or more of those ineffective "sign my guestbook" or "subscribe to my newsletter" forms?

Real Estate Website Visitor Characteristics

Let's look first at the general characteristics of your real estate website visitors if you've done a good job of getting them to the site.

There are certain things we know about your site visitors who have an interest in your local real estate market, buying, selling, or investing.

  • They want to remain anonymous as long as possible.
  • They want to do research at their own pace and find answers to their questions.
  • They want to search local listings.

Don't assume, short of a referral, that there are any other motivations. Your site visitors want information, answers and they don't want to talk to you right away. Whether you like it or not, the vast majority of your site visitors will take what they want from your site and never let you know who they are. Why should they? Read more about the Elements of an Effective Real Estate Website Call to Action...

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11 Mar 2018

By James Kimmons