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11 Ways to Save for a Down Payment

by Laura Mueller on

11 Ways to Save for a Down Payment... Read full article

Buy or Rent. First time moving out?

by Bill Conerly on

Should You Buy A House Or Rent? The Economics Of Homeownership... Read full article

Passive Income Investing With Real Estate: How To Achieve Financial Freedom

by JD Esajian on

Key Takeaways Passive income investing is a form of consistent cash flow that, once acquired, can be relatively easy to maintain. More freedom, more time, and future stability are just three benefits that come with passive income investing.... Read full article

You probably have the wrong idea when it comes to investments. Let’s fix that


Real estate is hot, all right. Home prices are soaring, a real estate mogul occupies the White House, and here’s the latest evidence: Americans say housing is their best bet to make some money.... Read full article

Fulton County property tax proposals would keep bills artificially low

by Arielle Kass on

Fixing Fulton County’s broken property assessment system is one thing. Solving for what residents really care about — higher tax bills — is another.... Read full article

Time to file your property tax return

by John Adams on

ATLANTA - If you own real estate in Georgia, you’ve got a property tax bill coming. It’s going to happen, probably around the first week in June. And when it happens, you’ll probably wish you had done something ahead of time to make the amount of ... Read full article

5 Tips Real Estate Investors Need to Know to Find Good Deals

by Clare Trapasso on

With real estate prices reaching ever-higher highs in large swaths of the country, the availability of deeply discounted properties is drying up. And that means it's getting tougher for real estate investors and home flippers to find great deals... Read full article

Why Depreciation Is The Biggest Perk Of Real Estate Investing

by Thomas Black on

Investing for retirement is historically fraught with risk and fear. Investors in this group are generally older, ready to press on the brakes and work less yet still need a reliable source of income. ... Read full article

3 Ways to Invest in Real Estate When Burdened by Student Loan Debt


The average graduate leaves college with a five-digit student loan debt attached to them. Many owe $100,000 or more when it’s all said and done. In addition to making large monthly payments for years to come, student loan debt often prevents people... Read full article

'Tis the Season to Invest in Real Estate

by Senada Adzem on

Gift yourself with a new home before the end of the year.... Read full article