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7 Color Trends to Watch for in 2017

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

2017 is a Mixed-Bag of Color Trends There are some years when most of the color and decor trends line up in agreement for an easy to follow path for decorating.... Read full article

How to Stage Your Home With Color

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

How to Stage Your Home With Color When you're ready to put your home up for sale, one of the first things you will need to do is to assess the condition of your home to see if it’s market-ready. ... Read full article

9 Reasons You Just Can't Get Your Color Scheme Right

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

Why Creating a Color Scheme is Easier Than You Think A color scheme is the foundation of all of your home decorating projects. Creating the right color scheme gives you a roadmap to choosing the right decor and furnishings. ... Read full article

Replacing Garage Door Springs

by Jeff Beneke on

Stands to reason that just a couple of weeks after writing an article on Garage Door Springs - What You Need To Know, I would find myself in need of replacing my own garage door springs. Perhaps it's one of those jinxing traditions, much like mention... Read full article

15 Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

by Mitchell Parker on

Pop quiz: What’s the average amount of space required for a toilet? How much does a basic bathroom remodel cost? And how do you pick out the right vanity? If your answers to these questions are some combination of “What?” “Huh?” and “Um … ,” don’t wo... Read full article



Are you looking at hiring a house cleaner for the first time? Professional home cleaning services can offer a practical helping hand for anyone who is short on time, working long hours or just needs a little extra help to keep on top of things around... Read full article

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

by Stephanie Figy on

Before signing a roofing contract to replace or repair your roof, ask potential contractors for this information.... Read full article

5 Reasons why Hiring a Professional Plumber is a Good Idea

by Tony R. White on

Homeowners often undermine the importance of plumbing systems. Until they encounter issues such as improper drainage for instance, maintenance of plumbing systems is never a part of the agenda. When they are not equipped to deal with plumbing problem... Read full article

10 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Theater

by Alvin Ward on

It doesn't take much effort to turn a typical room into a home theater—just add a television. But considering how many movies and TV shows most of us actually watch at home, why not go the distance and create a domestic space that rivals the movie ... Read full article