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15 Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

by Mitchell Parker on

Pop quiz: What’s the average amount of space required for a toilet? How much does a basic bathroom remodel cost? And how do you pick out the right vanity? If your answers to these questions are some combination of “What?” “Huh?” and “Um … ,” don’t wo... Read full article

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinet Makers Cost?

by Craig Gibson on

Every home has a kitchen and Australians renovate their kitchens more often than any other room in the average house.... Read full article

Bathroom Sink Plumbing

by Aaron Stickley on

Bathroom sink plumbing is made up of quite a few different parts that can break, leak, or become blocked. If you have to buy a part, look something up, or call a plumber it will be easier if you know the names of the plumbing pieces. ... Read full article

Easy tips to deep clean your bathroom

by Rob Schneider on

Bathrooms take a beating. Soap scum collects on shower screens and makes tiles look dull. Mould accumulates in grout. In general, bathrooms can be hard to keep clean, but it's easier than you might think to keep your bathroom sparkling clean.... Read full article

Paint Color Ideas for a Small Bathroom

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in our homes, and sometimes they can be smaller than most closets. Your bathroom color is influenced by not only the size of your room but whether or not you have windows in there. If your lighting is sufficient, ... Read full article

38 Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style

by Danica Rog on

There are an endless number of ways to design a bathroom, from creating a layout to choosing colors and fixtures. When it comes to decor, mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom — but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic or lack style. ... Read full article

5 Ways To Add Black In Your Bathroom

by Anabelle Bernard Fournier on

Why use black in the bathroom? Black is a serious yet elegant color that adds strength, stability and striking style to any room. But in smaller spaces like a bathroom, it can be tricky to use. Black can easily eat up all the light in a room ... Read full article

15 Color Secrets to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

Learn How to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive Simple Color Tips for Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams on a Budget... Read full article

Staging the Kitchen

by Elizabeth Weintraub on

How to Make Home Buyers Fall in Love With Your Kitchen... Read full article

How to Remove Calcium Deposits from a Showerhead

by Erin Huffstetler on

Clean Calcium and Other Mineral Deposits from Your Showerhead... Read full article