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7 Color Trends to Watch for in 2017

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

2017 is a Mixed-Bag of Color Trends There are some years when most of the color and decor trends line up in agreement for an easy to follow path for decorating.... Read full article

How to Stage Your Home With Color

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

How to Stage Your Home With Color When you're ready to put your home up for sale, one of the first things you will need to do is to assess the condition of your home to see if it’s market-ready. ... Read full article

9 Reasons You Just Can't Get Your Color Scheme Right

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

Why Creating a Color Scheme is Easier Than You Think A color scheme is the foundation of all of your home decorating projects. Creating the right color scheme gives you a roadmap to choosing the right decor and furnishings. ... Read full article

10 House Painting Rules You Should Never Break

by Don Vandervort on

Whether you DIY or go with a pro, make sure each step of the process is done right.... Read full article

How To: Paint a Garage Door

by Faith Towers on

This small project will go a long way toward enhancing your home’s exterior. Talk about an open-and-shut case!... Read full article

Choosing a Color for Garage Doors

by Kate Smith on

Having a garage is great but having one that dominates the front of your home can be a design challenge.... Read full article

5 Tips to Know Before Painting Your House


Follow these experts’ advice for eye-catching curb appeal... Read full article

Do Your (Interior) House Painting Homework

by Laura Firszt on

When your home’s interior needs a decorating boost, painting is a cost-effective method which can give you a great new look with a price tag much lower than that of a complete renovation. ... Read full article

Can You Save Money by Painting Your Roof White?

by Lee Wallender on

It's the big topic, the idea du jour. Supposedly, painting your roof white has many benefits. Because the color white reflects heat, less heat is absorbed by the house. Thus, lower energy bills.... Read full article

Brown Paint Color Ideas

by Lee Wallender on

Brown Paint Color: Sophisticated and Homey, All At the Same Time Brown paint color popular? Who would have thought so? Amazing but true: paint manufacturers indicate that alongside such perennial favorites as white and yellow, brown paint colors... Read full article