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Paint Color Ideas for a Small Bathroom

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in our homes, and sometimes they can be smaller than most closets. Your bathroom color is influenced by not only the size of your room but whether or not you have windows in there. If your lighting is sufficient, ... Read full article

15 Color Secrets to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

Learn How to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive Simple Color Tips for Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams on a Budget... Read full article

Paint Ideas for Exterior House Colors

by Lee Wallender on

Exterior House Paint Colors When spring and summer roll around--and often fall and winter, too--many homeowners' thoughts turn toward exterior house paint color. ... Read full article

How to Choose the Best Exterior House Colors

by Ronique Gibson on

Use your Home's Architectural Details as Color Guides... Read full article

Do You Really Need Primer Coat Before Painting?

by Juan Rodriguez on

How Many Different Types of Primer Are Available?... Read full article

All You Need to Know About Paint Types

by Amy Lynch on

Before you apply your first coat of wall paint, read this primer to make sure you’re covered.... Read full article

How Much Exterior Paint to Use - Spraying vs. Brushing

by Lee Wallender on

Painting your house exterior: should you hand-brush the paint or spray it on and how much should you use?... Read full article

Flawless Fix For Peeling Paint: You'll Never Know It Was There

by Lee Wallender on

Sure, you can paint over old paint. The problem, though, is those telltale edges. In a certain light, they shout, "Cheap fix." For key areas, you will want all paint to be at the same level, presenting a perfectly smooth, flat surface.... Read full article

How To: Remove Paint from Plastic

by Brenda Silva on

These four paint easy removal methods prove successful in any DIY situation, leaving your plastic pristine.... Read full article

10 Painting Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

by Jacob Hurwith on

Small bathrooms are a burden to us all. We could always use more space, but physical limitations prevent many from expanding their current bathroom.... Read full article