Real Estate Video Best Practices

There are two primary video production goals, either advertising a listing or doing area or agent/brokerage image building.

This real estate video article isn't going to spend any time on the listing video, as it deserves a technical article all its own.

We're not going to talk much about technical things here either, such as audio and video equipment and manipulation of the product with software and editing tools. This article is more about what will bring in business. What types of videos will promote you and your area in ways that will attract buyers, sellers or investors to your website and ultimately beside you at the closing table.

What Are You Shooting in the Area and Why?

If you're in a tourism or vacation area, your buyers will mostly come from other states or out of the area. So, you can do a lot of video that lets them see what it's like all around your market. However, some of that will also work for any market, no matter who your audience will be. Read more about the Real Estate Video Best Practices...

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11 Mar 2018

By James Kimmons