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Super Bowl 2019 Is Coming So Here's What Ya Need to Know


Super Bowl 2019 Is Coming So Here's What Ya Need to Know... Read full article

This Is the Smart Home of the Future

by Rachel Tepper Paley on

It’s coming, whether you like it or not.... Read full article

Why don’t we put power lines underground?

by Eleanor Cummins on

At first, people complained utility poles, as they would come to be called, were unreasonably ugly. Today, people claim they’re unreasonably risky.... Read full article

To Invade Homes, Tech Is Trying to Get in Your Kitchen

by Brian X. Chen on

On a recent Saturday night, German Salazar made chicken tacos for his friends while they chatted with him in his kitchen. ... Read full article

Smart Home Technology That Will Help Sell Your Next Deal

by Than Merrill on

Smart home technology has become synonymous with the most impressive houses on the market, and for good reason: it’s one of the most universal amenities today’s buyers covet. And why wouldn’t they?... Read full article

How to Smarten Up Your Home, Room by Room


High-tech home automation products can also be penny-wise.... Read full article

Real Estate Video Best Practices

by James Kimmons on

Real estate video has become a popular marketing tool for many professionals. It should be, as video is extremely popular with consumers, and particularly with those checking out real estate listings or areas. ... Read full article

Elements of an Effective Real Estate Website Call to Action

by James Kimmons on

A real estate website should be generating leads.... Read full article

World Class Transaction Management on the Cheap


Assuming you're not using a transaction coordinator or other assistant, there are a great many tasks and deadlines involved in a real estate transaction, and they can be tough to manage efficiently.... Read full article

Augmented Reality: the Latest in Real Estate Technology


Stephanie Small spent months thinking about what kind of countertop to get for a new wine bar she will soon open with a partner in Somers, N.Y., part of Westchester County.... Read full article