7 Simple Tips for Staging Your Home While Living There Too

Trying to sell your home while still residing there poses some unique challenges. Here are seven quick tips to help you keep your home staged for potential buyers and still comfortable for your family.

1. Ditch Your Clutter

Before listing your home on the market, go through all of your belongings and keep only the most valuable. Less clutter will make your home appear more airy and expansive, which is definitely more appealing to would-be buyers. If needed, you can rent a storage space for other items until you hire movers or sell your home.

2. White Glove Treatment

Give your house the cleaning of its life. Potential buyers will notice small messes you might have missed. Newly waxed floors, washed walls and polished furnishings will also help make a great impression on potential buyers. If you’re coming in and out of the house daily, you will need to keep up this treatment or hire a cleaning service.

3. Go Neutral

If you have rooms that are painted in loud colors, consider a neutral shade as you stage your house for showings. White and beige may be boring, but they present your setting as a blank canvas for potential buyers.

4. Make Rooms Appear Larger

You can make smaller rooms appear larger by moving pieces of large furniture out, providing you don’t need them. A more expansive room will appear less cluttered. It will also allow visitors to move more easily through your home. Make sure you leave some furniture so you aren’t sleeping on cots or sleeping bags. Read more...

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16 May 2017

By Andrea Davis