Choosing a Color for Garage Doors

Having a garage is great but having one that dominates the front of your home can be a design challenge.  I have found that the biggest mistake homeowners make is to use color to draw too much attention to the garage doors rather than downplaying them.  This is even more pronounced on a home with a protruding garage that already dominates the view of the home.

In some custom homes the garage doors add to the architectural detail and it makes sense to have them standout.  However, the vast majority of homes have standard or unattractive garage doors and it is best to have them blend rather than  contrast with the main color of the home.
Here are my general DO’s and DON’Ts for painting garage doors:

  • DO paint the garage doors in the same color as the house itself and not the trim color or white (unless white is your house color) if you want to keep them from standing out. Painting the garage doors the same colors as the body of the house may also make your home appear larger.
  • DO paint the trim around the doors either to match the door or to match the trim on the rest of your home.  Usually it looks best if it is the same as on the rest of your home but there are times when it may look better to not call attention to the trim with a contrasting color. Read more...

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19 Apr 2017

By Kate Smith