Do Your (Interior) House Painting Homework

When your home’s interior needs a decorating boost, painting is a cost-effective method which can give you a great new look with a price tag much lower than that of a complete renovation. Whether it’s to be a DIY or a professional job, advance planning and preparation will make the painting work go faster and more smoothly … and most likely save you money to boot! Here’s a “to-do” list that will get you started off on the right foot.

Get the Approval of Your Landlord or HOA

As a renter, you’ll need your landlord’s okay before doing any non-removable decorating. However, depending on your relationship and the conditions set out in your lease, he or she may be willing to chip in for a much-needed upgrade. If you own your home, you might assume that your homeowners’ association has no authority over interior work ... but you could be wrong, as in the case where a common wall or floor is shared with a neighboring townhouse tenant.

Verify Your Budget

Find out the going rates for both paint and painters (if you plan to hire a pro) to avoid any last minute surprises. Don’t automatically hire the cheapest painting firm; check around to find a company with good local recommendations. Most contractors take a portion of the price up front, with the balance payable on completion of the work. Read more...

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19 Apr 2017

By Laura Firszt