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How to Stage Your Home With Color

by Diana Hathaway Timmons on

How to Stage Your Home With Color When you're ready to put your home up for sale, one of the first things you will need to do is to assess the condition of your home to see if it’s market-ready. ... Read full article

How Junk Removal Can Help Enhance Your Staged Home


Junk removal is one of those thoughts you don't think of until you really need it. ... Read full article

What you don't know about home makeover shows might surprise you

by Heather Barnett on

You might want to think twice before applying to be on a home renovation show... Read full article

How To Clean Wood Cabinets & Make Them Shine

by Jaclyn Crawford on

Wood cabinets are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. However, over time they can become dirty and dingy. It’s likely that you’re familiar with the sticky and greasy feeling that can occur from just working in the kitchen.... Read full article

Keeping Your Yard Pest Free

by Jaclyn Crawford on

Just like your home, your backyard can get infested with animals and bugs that can do more harm than good. ... Read full article

7 Simple Tips for Staging Your Home While Living There Too

by Andrea Davis on

Trying to sell your home while still residing there poses some unique challenges. Here are seven quick tips to help you keep your home staged for potential buyers and still comfortable for your family.... Read full article

How to Stage an Empty House on a Budget

by Ronique Gibson on

01 of 03 Furnishings can Dramatically Increase your Home Staging Efforts... Read full article

5 Reasons Your Home’s Staging Might Not Be Awesome (Even if You Think It Is)

by Tara-Nicholle Nelson on

If your home is beautiful to the eye but smells bad, is strangely hot or cold, or has a noise issue (neighbors’ music, freeway noise, or strange in-house creaks or whirs), buyers might fixate on the multisensory challenges.... Read full article

Home Staging Consultation – How Does It Work?

by joannalane01 on

I get asked often how a home staging consultation works. First of all, I’m not going to judge you if your house is messy! ... Read full article

Selling A Home? House Clean Out And Staging [Tips]

by Junk King on

With the housing market looking better and better, many homeowners are taking the plunge and putting their homes on the market. And that means showing them off!... Read full article