How To: Paint a Garage Door

As long as it goes up and down on command, it’s easy to ignore your garage door. Yet this aspect of your home’s exterior is a crucial component of its curb appeal. Letting it look shabby is like allowing your lawn to grow knee-high. Fortunately, a fresh application of paint will improve the appearance of your garage door and also offer protection from the elements, extending its lifespan. Like all outdoor paint jobs, this one will be a bit time consuming due to the drying time required. Otherwise, it’s a fairly simple project. Just set aside two to three days to get it done and then enjoy the spiffy results.

- Rubber gloves
- Dust mask
- Safety goggles
- Wire brush
- Fine grit sandpaper
- All-purpose cleaner
- Sponge
- Garden hose
- Clean towels or rags
- Painters tape
- Drop cloth
- Latex exterior primer
- Latex exterior paint
- 2-inch nylon paintbrush
- ¾-inch paint roller
- Step stool or ladder

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21 Apr 2017

By Faith Towers