Is a Maid Worth the Money or Should I Clean Myself?

Hiring a maid or a house cleaning service may seem like the ultimate luxury for many of us. But your time is worth money, and the time you spend scrubbing the kitchen floor might be more profitably, not to mention more enjoyably, spent elsewhere. 

To borrow a term from economics, it's lost opportunity cost.


  • Could your time be better spent doing something else? Maybe it's worth hiring a cleaning service.
  • What's your time worth? Compare your hourly rate to the cost of a cleaning service.
  • Paying for services you could do yourself is always a luxury. Make sure you're taking care of the real necessities first.

What Does a Maid Cost?

According to, a home services company, a house cleaning service costs $25 to $50 an hour on average, depending on where you live, as of 2020. The total cost could range from $80 to $110 for a small apartment to $150 to $250 for a 2,000-square-foot house. Some charge per hour while others base their fees on the square footage of the home. Read more about the Is a Maid Worth the Money...

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13 Jan 2021