Not All Closing Lawyers are Created Equal

Considerations For Choosing a Closing Lawyer

Who needs the anxiety of worrying about whether the right legal steps are being followed when sealing the deal on owning your dream home, or what delays could prevent you from getting in and settled sooner with fewer hassles? The answer is not you! That’s why it is the job of a closing lawyer to maneuver through the legal procedure and ensure that the best interests of both the seller and the buyer are met.

A good lawyer will…

  • Be efficient in preparing all the documentation timeously.
  • It is their job to check for errors and any other issues that may cause discrepancies and delays further down the line.
  • Moreover, you will have a set of expert eyes looking for any information that should be disclosed to you before the time comes to close the deal. You shouldn’t have to deal with last minute surprises.
  • “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” In the true spirit of Abraham Lincoln’s approach to his first trade of law, a lawyer it there to offer up his time and advice. Legal jargon can be confusing, and having the assistance of a lawyer on hand to do just that will help make this process all the more pleasant and all the less frustrating for you.
  • Issues can arise, and a conflict of interests between parties is not unheard of; a closing lawyer helps to mediate these waters.
  • A well-chosen closing lawyer will be up to date on any changes in the legal process, such as a change in documents that need to be submitted.
  • Mostly, you will be kept informed throughout the procedure. Read more about the Not All Closing Lawyers are Created Equal...

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07 Jul 2019

By Gary Handin