Replacing Garage Door Springs

Stands to reason that just a couple of weeks after writing an article on Garage Door Springs - What You Need To Know, I would find myself in need of replacing my own garage door springs. Perhaps it's one of those jinxing traditions, much like mentioning that a pitcher has pitched six no-hit innings seems to guarantee that the next batter he faces will get a hit. I learned several new things in the process of getting those springs replaced, which I'll recount below.

How Torsion Springs Break

Garage door springs are part of the garage door itself, not the garage door opener. That said, it must also be added that the springs make it much easier to raise and lower the door. They generally last a long time, and they have only one function. But over time, all that lifting, through all those weather changes, tend to weaken the metal and lead to a break.

In my case, the springs appeared to be original to the house, which means they've been at work since 1956. Once you understand that long record of service, it becomes a little hard to complain when they finally break down.

And break down they did. It was a Sunday afternoon, and we were sitting around the quiet house reading. Suddenly, we heard a large noise that sounded like a very heavy object had fallen on the roof, or maybe a car had driven into the side of the house. I quickly started hunting around for the cause, and couldn't find a thing. Read more...

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03 May 2017

By Jeff Beneke