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Real Estate Video Best Practices

by James Kimmons on

Real estate video has become a popular marketing tool for many professionals. It should be, as video is extremely popular with consumers, and particularly with those checking out real estate listings or areas. ... Read full article

Elements of an Effective Real Estate Website Call to Action

by James Kimmons on

A real estate website should be generating leads.... Read full article

World Class Transaction Management on the Cheap


Assuming you're not using a transaction coordinator or other assistant, there are a great many tasks and deadlines involved in a real estate transaction, and they can be tough to manage efficiently.... Read full article

Augmented Reality: the Latest in Real Estate Technology


Stephanie Small spent months thinking about what kind of countertop to get for a new wine bar she will soon open with a partner in Somers, N.Y., part of Westchester County.... Read full article

Samsung wants to sell digital brains for connected devices

by Brandon Bailey on

SAN FRANCISCO – Samsung wants to sell the digital brains that will go into billions of “smart” home appliances, industrial sensors and other Internet-connected gadgets – even if the gadgets aren’t made by Samsung.... Read full article

Beware – Your Smart Home Might Be A Massive Security Risk

by Mike Moore on

Tripwire survey finds zero-day vulnerabilities in many of the leading smart home hubs... Read full article

Smart Locks: Your Essential Guide

by Gerard on

It’s dark, you’re hungry, and you finally grab the right key, but now you can’t locate the keyhole.... Read full article

Home Automation 101: Home Automation Options

by Administrator on

Your home works for you – in a standard home, there’s no central hub. You have to go to each object and tell it what to do when you want something done.... Read full article

Home Automation buying guide

by Ry Crist on

Dreaming of automated smart home bliss, but unsure of where to start? You've come to the right place.... Read full article

5 reasons why the 'smart home' is still stupid

by Stacey Higginbotham on

For several days after I returned from my vacation, the lights in my house would automatically turn on around 6 pm and then again at 7 am.... Read full article