House/Home cleaning training videos for starting a cleaning business

House cleaning training videos for starting a cleaning business...Start house cleaning services and earn huge money...for more visit here EFFICIENCY WITH QUALITY IN DUSTING REQUIRES A PROCESS THERE ARE RULES THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO THE DUSTING AREA A PROCESS MUST BE DEVELOPED AND TRAINED WE CANNOT SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS WITH THE SAME LEVEL OF THINKING THAT CREATED THEM ALBERT EINSTEIN KEY FACTOR: There are really 4 key areas when cleaning a home; dusting, kitchen, bathrooms and floors. Dusting is generally the most challenging area for four reasons: It has the most detail It contains the most challenges regarding breakage and damage It is the most difficult to check It normally gets the most complaints from clients For this reason the dusting in a home should be performed by the cleaner with the most experience in your company. If you are operating under a team concept dusting is normally performed by the Team Leader but there could be exceptions to this standard. Always look at who is the best person for the job. Process cleaning is the most important in the dusting area. A thorough process followed consistently will assure that nothing is missed while dusting. ACTION ITEM: Develop a process for dusting or adapt one that has been formulated by others. The dusting process should require two trips around a room. One trip is for long dusting and the second is for short dusting and glass cleaning. An apron must be utilized by the duster to insure the highest level of efficiency and quality and the lowest level of breakage and damage. Develop a specific set of rules to be followed by the duster. Teach the rules and process to the duster before they enter the client's home. Basic training should never be performed in front of a client. You must watch the duster and correct errors in the client's home but you should never do initial training in front of a client if you want to leave a client with a remarkable experience. IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS: Develop a process and specific rules that relate only to the dusting area and teach the process and the rules to your dusting cleaner. Some basic rules for dusting are: Gather trash in all rooms Take two trips around the room when dusting, one long and one short Use long strokes that end down when feather dusting Put things back exactly as you found them Do not clean a picture or painting front if there is not any glass covering it Be aware of your time Be sure to teach the other rules of cleaning in a home that relate to all four areas of cleaning. Have the cleaner watch a professional who is fast, efficient and quality driven perform the dusting tasks or have the new duster watch a training video. Most of our cleaners are visual learners. Again, try not to have them watch a cleaner in a client's home if you want the client to be left with a remarkable experience.

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