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The UCALL&IHAUL Moving Services story UCALL&IHAUL was created out of a need to provide individuals and families with dependable professionals that are better than traditional full service movers at an affordable cost. As a result, an online business was developed that today enables customers to purchase a variety of labor services -- loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, cleaning and driving. What we do well We connect people with a dependable professional to do any of the following: packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, cleaning and driving your truck or ours. You can choose any or all of the labor services that you need and then simply select from a list on our website. In the past customers have only had two options when it came to moving: (1) Hire full service moving companies and pay substantial prices and receive less service or (2) Do-It-Yourself by renting a truck and spending all your time moving. Today, there is a great, innovative third choice created by UCALL&IHAUL that gives you the best of both worlds - (3) UCALL&IHAUL - which enables you to save money by renting your own truck and saves your back by providing you with the muscles to move your boxes and more. Both the time and money saved by using UCALL&IHAUL are incredible. We have had customers literally save thousands of dollars by using UCALLIHAUL.COM rather than the full service moving companies. Simply put, we exist to provide customize moving services at affordable prices and make moving accessible to everyone. Get a UCALL&IHAUL professional today and make the right move - a great move - at Get a similar video at UCALL & IHAUL Moving Services - Atlanta, GA... See full Video